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pin, location, address-1873372.jpg4 Pawprint Lane, St. George, New Brunswick E5C 0K3 Canada.  (By Exit 52)

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About Us.

At St. George Veterinary Clinic, we are committed to seeing your pet have a perfect healthy status.  We have capable hands with years of veterinary experience always ready to respond to your pet health challenges. We are compassionate in our dealings with pet owners as we are also pet owners, we understand the pain seeing your pets with health challenges. At St. George, our services (check our service page for more) are tailored directly to meet up with your expectations and provide you with the best health care around. 
We are a veterinary clinic based in St. George.

You can connect with us through a visit to our Location at 4 Pawprint Lane, St. George, NB E5C 0K3 (by Exit 52, near Birch Grove Restaurant), or through our Contact Us Page.