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pin, location, address-1873372.jpg4 Pawprint Lane, St. George, New Brunswick E5C 0K3 Canada.  (By Exit 52)

St. George Veterinary Clinic

Compassionate care for your pets!

Who We Are

St. George Veterinary Clinic was established to strengthen the bond between pets and their owners by providing exceptional veterinary services and helping owners make the right choices for their pets wellbeing Healthy pets make happy owners, we believe in having those conversations that will enable us develop a well-informed health plan for your pets.

  • St George Veterinary Clinic

    Our Services

    We prioritize the health of your pets with the delivery of quality health service through the best hand around and quality equipment.

  • St. George Animal Shelter

    St. George Animal Shelter house various pets for adoption. If you want to provide a home for our wonderful pets. Clink the link below.

  • St. George Veterinary Clinic

    Shop Our Petmart

    St. George Veterinary Clinic Petmart has all your pets needs covered. 

    Our Team

    We have professional hands and highly dedicated team members to attend to your pet.

    • Dr. Melanie Eagan
    • Dr. Natalie Dow
      • Jessica Wilson
      • Erica Laking
    • Kris Mac
    • Sherry Gallagher-Eldridge
    • Jade Ann Dorion